Iamtheblackdiamond aka Black Diamond Nashville Viral Duct Tape Rap Artist

Black Diamond is no newbie to viral fame, she has multiple viral music comedy videos under her belt. First appearing on Mtv Ridiculouness August 2018. Since then she has been gracing red carpets at many Bet award shows. Last year the rapper was involved in a terrifying encounter with Nashville rap artist Trainko as theyContinue reading “Iamtheblackdiamond aka Black Diamond Nashville Viral Duct Tape Rap Artist”

Hot Female Rap Artist Iamblackdiamond

The Black Diamond IAMTHEBLACKDIAMOND Black Diamond is a viral music artist, comedian, model and entertainer based in Atlanta, Ga. She has been seen on national television on MTV’s Ridiculousness and Worldstar Hip Hop performing her viral hit song “Lights Off”. With 3 previous radio single releases including her latest single “I Need You” produced byContinue reading “Hot Female Rap Artist Iamblackdiamond”

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